Scottish housebuilders ‘need to look at quadruple glazing to save energy’

The managing director of a Scottish housebuilder has said that firms would need to look into ways of improving the energy efficiency of certain aspects of housebuilding in order to construct homes that require no heating. According to an article in the Evening Times, Nina Baker, councillor for Anderson/City, has called for all houses in Glasgow to be built to a standard where no heating is needed, something that may interest those looking to buy a house in Scotland. However, Regency Homes’ managing director, John Heath, has said for that to become a possibility firms would have to enhance materials already used. “We need glass to make a home as light as possible, but we would need to look at enhancing the thermal properties of triple or quadruple glazing,” Mr Heath said, according to the newspaper. He added that firms would have to look at buildings to “make sure body heat and heat from cooking is retained in the house”, which could bring down energy bills for anyone looking to buy a house in Scotland. Glasgow-based Regency Homes was formed in 1997 and became part of the Regency group in 2005, according to the firm’s website.