Making enquiries is ‘fundamental to property investment’

People thinking of buying a house in Scotland should be sure to research local amenities, according to one expert.

The ‘solid fundamentals’ of investing in any property include good amenities such as shops, schools, transport links and major employers, has claimed.

Brett Wood, the property investment advice website, claimed that people unwilling to make such enquiries would "get burned", since it is vital to look at the long-term potential of the area.

Those looking to buy a house in Scotland may be encouraged to hear that northern properties have good prospects, according to Mr Wood.

"Up north there are some good opportunities, as long as you watch what you’re buying; get a good evaluation and do your research," he said.

Some 78.5 per cent of chartered surveyors recorded a fall in house prices in the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ March survey.