Potential new “you are leaving this hospital” rules

It seems pretty clear that when this pandemic is over nothing is going to be quite the same for most of us. Will “home working” become the norm? What will happen to the travel industry? Will the retail industry be changed forever? These huge questions will be answered in due course. Even just “drilling down” […]

Coronavirus – one legal step older people should take now.

We all hoped it wasn’t going to happen but our hopes were dashed. A pandemic is upon us and our lives will never be the same again. As I write this our Prime Minster is intensive care, a family member has had the virus, and I am worried about vulnerable friends. It is all getting […]

Our services are still available

Despite the current crisis and government advice effectively banning meetings with clients – we are still working. We can still deal with a lot of legal work using telephone communication and “video” meetings where we can. Procedures have changed on the witnessing of certain documents notably wills and powers of attorney – so we can […]

Contact & Child protection

As COVID-19 continues to tear its way through not only our nation but the entire world there are a number of people much closer to home who are victims of the current circumstances. Children. While at this time many of us would wish to have the innocence of youth on our side, there are many […]

Corona virus and separated parents – what to do?

We appreciate that many of our client’s are concerned regarding how Corona Virus will impact upon care arrangements for their children. To assist, we undernote a copy note from a legal blog by Lucy Reed, a family law barrister in England which outlines some sensible guidance for parents. This has an English angle to it […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have been making plans to ensure that we can continue to deal with your legal cases through these challenging times. We have the capability for all of our staff to work from outwith our offices and we provide a “home visit” service for clients provided by qualified solicitors. We expect we may experience some […]

Avoiding Granimosity at Christmas.

According to Age UK, two-fifths of over-50s providing regular care for their grandchildren feel the family would have struggled financially without their help. Indeed a Scottish Government survey on “Growing Up in Scotland” found that Grandparents are a key source of support for most families in Scotland where, for some age brackets, they provide up […]

Christmas Contact – how to best approach this tricky situation

Peace on Earth? Most of us would settle for peace within our own four walls. This, the first of our two part series looks at how best to plan ahead to avoid any issues with contact between children and parents with whom they don’t reside. We appreciate that Christmas holidays are a difficult time when […]

Compulsory Supervision Orders

My child has turned a corner – can we now stop the Social Work supervision? Alison MacPhee considers compulsory supervision orders over children. I’ve been asked the question in the headline a few times in my career.   Sometimes at a children’s hearing the child is made subject to a compulsory supervision order.   This requires the […]

Who owns a child’s passport?

Divorced or separated parents with children under 16. Who owns a child’s passport? A child should always have their own passport which is usually kept by the parent with primary responsibility for that child’s upbringing i.e. the resident parent. If the other parent won’t co-operate in the obtaining or delivery of a passport, that too […]

Do you have mum’s and dad’s permission to take your child abroad?

In Scotland the basic law is that  no person is entitled to remove a child from the United Kingdom without the permission of anyone holding any parental responsibility or parental right with respect to that child, which usually means the other parent.  This consent is usually given verbally although it may be in the form […]