Agricultural land ‘makes gains in 2007’

The price of farmland rose last year making it a potentially attractive proposition for those looking to buy or sell in the agricultural sector, it emerged today.

According to data from Knight Frank, this type of land experienced a price increase of 25.3 per cent in the year leading up to December 2007, with average farmland values rising to £4,316 per acre.

The news may be of interest to those looking to relocate or buy a house in Scotland, where beautiful countryside and culture could be the ideal setting for a farmhouse or similar property.

Indeed, Knight Frank stated that 37 per cent of all farmland purchases were made by "lifestyle buyers" and not those looking to farm or live off their land.

"They seek to add value to their properties while also protecting their immediate outlook," said Clive Hopkins, head of farms and estates at the company.

"Indications suggest this trend will continue through 2008."

In other news that may be of interest to those looking to buy or sell a house in Scotland, a recent report suggested that the UK market was in the process of "gaining momentum".

The National Association of Estate Agents said the number of buyers and first-time buyers were both up in January. It also suggested that people thoroughly research the market in their area as it may be performing better than others.